Princess Vanelllope – Design Phase


I knew I’d need to make at least one more dress for Celestia for Phoenix Comicon.  That’s because she grew a bit since last year.  I was hoping for something like Merida from Brave or freaking Wonder Woman or really anything but what has happened.  See, we went to see Wreck-it-Ralph which, in my humble opinion, is the best movie that Disney has ever made.  You are welcome to disagree with me, but I will still think that.  It’s a beautiful movie with definitive amazing moments for anyone who has ever played any video game.  There was a time that Celestia leaned over and said, “Mommy, I want to cosplay Vanellope for Comicon.”  Yeah, I have a kid that knows the word cosplay.  Moving on.

She says this and I did a small celebration because Vanellope looks like this:


Totes cute

How hard could it be to find a green hoodie and leggings like that?  It can’t be at all!  Then this happened (SPOILER ALERT):

I’m working on finding the video version of this. If you haven’t seen the movie – do it now. RIGHT NOW!!

I knew then what was going to happen and many, many curse words flew through my head.  At the same time, I said to myself, “But if you’re going to make an amazing costume, where are you going to get a better source?”  I cursed myself for I don’t know half of the techniques needed for this dress.  If you didn’t catch it all, here’s a better picture because it’s an artists’ rendering.

So many pleats…

So, I drew it out to figure out all of its elements.  Yes, I had a great picture to work with, but for some reason, it’s much easier for me to figure out all the ins and outs of a design if I draw it.  Here’s my version of Princess Vanellope’s dress.

Do you see all that pink?  There are 5 different colors of pink in this dress!

Do you see all that pink? There are 5 different colors of pink in this dress!

And from that drawing, I made a list of all of its elements and immediately started to research sources of every single thing that’s in this dress.  Here’s that list as it sits right now.  I’ll re-list the sources as I get to that part.

I should probably explain some of those.  First, I didn’t make a hoop skirt.  As mentioned in the Princess Celestia design, I bought one for $20 because it was just so much easier.  For those that don’t know what a bum roll is, it’s what makes a skirt over a hoop look rounded.

If you look at my Princess Celestia build list, you’ll see that the bum roll is actually there instead on the Vanellope list that is yet to come.  That’s because I need one for both dresses and the MLPcon is before comicon.  Anyway…I also found the ruffle dress for both the dresses because it talks about the overlap of the ruffle layers and how to attach them to a skirt.  A whisk collar is that huge heart-shaped thing that’s behind her head.  There are no tutorials on the internet for one of those.  The best I could find is that company that makes them – for $300 – that’s more than twice my budget for both of the dresses that I’m making.  I looked at the steps they’re taking and thought they look a lot like organza fairy wings.  I have a tutorial on organza fairy wings in the hopes that I can merge it into the whisk collar.  Finally, the pleats on that dress are accordion pleats.

There’s a build list for this, but it’s 2 pages long, so I’m going to wait until I actually start it to add the build list to this post.


One thought on “Princess Vanelllope – Design Phase

  1. Anonymous

    This is probably too late, but there is Simplicity #2817. It has a Whisk for Snow White that can be change to your whisk.

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