Princess Celestia – Design Phase


If there’s anything that my daughter loves as much as Black Widow, it’s My Little Pony.  I don’t have anything against MLP, in fact, I like watching it with her, when I get the chance.  However, I have some of my wonderful, crazy friends that are also crazy fans of My Little Pony.  Negate the argument against whether girls that like MLP are bronies or pegasisters, my friends are both.  One day, I was sitting around feeling creative when the thought popped into my head, “What would the ‘Mane 6’ wear to a ball, if they were human?”   Don’t ask me what made me think this, but I sat down and drew them as well as Princesses Celestia and Luna.  They aren’t great, but this is what I came up with:

Don't judge me, all I had was crayons.

Don’t judge me, all I had was crayons.

Fast forward several months, when I had already forgotten than I drew these.  My dear friend sends me a message that, here in Phoenix, we’re going to have our first My Little Pony convention and that she wants to take my daughter.  Now is the moment that I mention that my daughter’s name is Celestia (she came before the pony princess), and I realize that it would be silly to not send her to this convention dressed as Princess Celestia.  This also gives me the first opportunity to make something I truly designed by myself without any additional input.  So, I looked at my old design and re-drew it with a neater eye and better colored pencils so that it looks like this:

Hooray for colored pencils!

Hooray for colored pencils!

Now I have a new fun design for a pretty little girl dress that has the colors of Princess Celestia’s mane and tail woven through the dress.  The first thing I did was pull a trick out of my boss’s book.  Nola has a collection of paint swatches she’s collected that we take with us when fabric shopping in order to make sure our fabric choices are as close to optimal as possible.  So I went to Home Depot and picked up these paint swatches:

The blue went missing somewhere...

The blue went missing somewhere…

Then I went to the local discount fabric store (people in Phoenix need to go check out SAS fabric) where, by some luck, they had organza on sale in the exact colors I needed!  Check it out!

Total = $40

Total = $40

I also got white bridal satin and a child’s hoop skirt.  I chose to purchase the hoop skirt for 3 very important reasons:

  1.  It was $20.
  2. I didn’t have to make it
  3. It was $20.

So, I made my build list and I’ve estimated how long each piece is going to take to make.  I’ll put my estimations in my posts on each piece of the dress so that I know how well I’m estimating my time.

Here’s my build list as it stands.  As I post the sections, I’ll link to them from this list as well as back to it from them.

Bodice (min 1.5 hours)
☐  Make pattern
☐  Sew muslin
☐ Fit
☐  Alter muslin pattern
☐  Cut out fabric
☐  Assemble bodice (minus side seams)
☐  Attach gold ribbon at collar
☐ Closure in the back (zipper? + 30 min)
Sleeves (min 1.5 hours)
☐  Make pattern
☐  Label each piece for color
☐ Cut out fabric
☐ Pink
☐ Purple
☐ Blue
☐ Green
☐ Serge organza while assembling
☐ Serge perimeters
☐ Attach gold ribbon
☐ Attach sleeves to bodice
☐ Sew side seams and sleeves
☐ Elastic
White Skirt (min 3 hours)
☐ Trace & size pattern (bum roll)
☐ Make bum roll
☐ Trace & size pattern (skirt)
☐ Sew muslin
☐ Fit
☐ Take apart
☐ Cut out fabric
☐ Assemble skirt
☐ Attach to bodice
☐ Hem
Ruffles (min 4 hours)
☐ Cut out 4 length patterns (width will differ on each tier)
☐ Measure circumference at bottom of each tier
☐ Cut out each color to be 2x the circumference by the length + ½ inch

☐      Pink ☐      Green
☐      Purple ☐      Blue

☐ Serge Fabrics and hem

 ☐     Pink  ☐     Green
 ☐     Purple  ☐     Blue

☐ Gather stitch each piece

 ☐     Pink  ☐     Green
 ☐     Purple  ☐     Blue

☐         Attach to skirt (starting at bottom)

 ☐     Pink  ☐     Green
 ☐     Purple  ☐     Blue

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